Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Give the draperies and blinds in your home a window treatment

We know how much you love the draperies and blinds by your windows. They surely give your home a cozy and classy character but do you take good care of them? It is a fact that we tend to take the least care of the things that make our homes look beautiful. Just vacuum cleaning them is not enough. You need to understand the demands of draperies and blinds and having them in your home requires you to go for specific professional cleaning services. You need to go for window treatments to get them particularly cleaned and restored to their best condition.

As already said, blinds and draperies never feature on your cleaning list as you often tend to take them for granted. Even when they appear new and beautiful they may be actually accumulating millions of dust particles, allergens and germs in their fabric. You do not notice these with naked eyes but the presence of such unhealthy pollutants can hamper the air quality and environment of your house. They can even worsen the condition of asthma patients. The fabric used for draperies and blinds are prone to accumulating animal hair and dander, dust and pollen and several other debris. Being placed adjacent to the windows is one major reason for them getting dirty too soon. Eventually, without proper cleaning at regular intervals the blinds and draperies will turn visually dirty and grimy and lose the shine of their appearance.

We at Carpet Long Island professionally take care of the blinds and draperies by your window and get them spotlessly cleaned to restore them to their absolutely new condition. Once you give us a call, our curtain, blinds and draperies cleaning technicians will reach your home at the earliest and inspect your windows to offer the best cleaning services. They will take them down to bring them to the cleaning facility to lessen your burden. Here we will proceed to treat them professionally and get them cleaned. Once the process is over, we will again re-install them in your homes without any additional charge.

We are trained to deal with all kinds of window covering materials like velvet, silk, satin, tapestry, chintz, brocade and others. We know how to treat each of these fabrics in the right way so as to not hamper the quality of the materials. We also take extra specialized care to treat more delicate fabrics like lace linings and embroideries. Whatever be the fabric of your window covering materials, you can trust our professional services and our trained experts and give us the responsibility of getting them cleaned. From spot and odor removal to getting the materials free from layers of micro dust particles, pollens, dander and bacteria, we do it all. We use special techniques to kill all the allergens in the draperies while taking care to not affect the quality and color of the materials. To us it is your health and satisfaction that matters the most.

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