Area Rug Repair

Area Rug Repair


You bought the perfect rug. It fits your décor exactly. You lay it down and notice that it is too wide for your room. What do you do now? Call Carpet Long Island. We do all sorts of rug repairs at a fraction of what other companies charge. We have a huge repair facility. Easy and fast delivery with amazing prices and perfection repairs. We have before and after photos of a lot of our work. We offer referrals and are very confident you will be satisfied with the end result. We offer free estimates, free pick-up and free delivery for this service. We will match any competitor’s reasonably, written estimate by 15%.

What Repairs We Offer

We at Carpet Long Island believe that rugs should not be thrown away even when they look dirty, smelly and torn at places. It is because we know how to repair them and give them back with new lives. Rugs can be easily repaired by us to make them look new again. We take pride in restoring them to their original condition. We offer a wide variety of rug repairs, such as:

Pet Damage (urine and feces)
Seam Repairs
Rug Patches
Rug Stretching
Rug Burns and Hole Repairs
Commercial Rug Repair
Rug Flood Damage

When To Repair

If you reside anywhere in Long Island, NY we can repair your rugs with our professional service. Our repair department has a huge inventory of fabric, coloring, yarns, fringes, and materials for all rug repairs. Our repair staff undergone trainings every year to make sure we are up to date on the latest products and repair techniques, which is why our repair craftsmen are great in their crafts. We know how to perform all repaired to satisfy our customers. Our craftsman do their work at our premises. They do not work for anyone else and are never subcontracted. A rug has been used for several years and the binding at the sides opens up, the material starts thinning out and wearing off at places and there are several holes made all over the carpet. . Improper handling and neglect creates these holes in the rugs and often lead to places getting ripped. Over the years rugs lose their original luster because they collect dust, dirt and fungus. Moreover, they start accumulating spilt food particles, pet fur, pet urine and several unhealthy substances which result in bad odor. This is why it is necessary to get the rugs cleaned and repaired at regular intervals so that you do not have to throw them away. It is also important that you get it done professionally so that your rugs get take care of in the best ways.

Other Repairs We Offer

Carpet Long Island offers a variety of services like re-weaving the rugs at places where they have got torn off, restoration of the corners of the rugs, stain and spot removal to bring back the original look of the fabric, pet stain, odor removal, patching the holes made in the carpet, managing color bleeding, rebinding of the sides of the rug and entire rug cleaning and restoration. While repairing the holes and re-weaving your rugs we make use of professional repair techniques. Our experts have complete knowledge of weaving the rugs and takes special care to find out the right combination of yarn to match the fabric, the color and the design of the rug and fill in the torn places. Patching up the holes and tears in the rug is a professional labor intensive process which is very beneficial in preserving your precious rugs for long. You will be amazed to see the quality of the results and feel the freshness of using a new rug once it is done. Rely on our experts for re-binding, repairing and re-coloration of your rugs to give them new lives before considering throwing them away.

Area Rug Cleaning

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