Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are small brownish insects that fed on the blood of animals and humans. Adult bedbugs are flat and become oval after feeding and their body turns into a reddish color. They have no power of flight, but can move swiftly. Female bedbugs lay hundred of eggs and create a nuisance. They mostly breed within the boundary of bedrooms but can spread swiftly to other parts of your home. They enter your home, unnoticed through luggage, used furniture and other items. They hide in between the fibers of your mattresses, bed linen, carpets and rugs.

Popular Bed bug removal process

Never brush the floor infested with bed bugs as this will spread their larvae over a wide area. So, it is necessary to vacuum clean your carpet regularly using efficient equipment.

  • Diatomaceous earth powder process

This process can be done by individuals at home. However, one can take professional help for this.

Step 1: The process starts by removing clutter off the floor like light furniture, toys, books, pet bowls etc. Fragile and valuable items should be moved to a safe location.

Step 2: Diatomaceous earth powder, commonly known as borax powder is allowed to remain in the carpet for 3-4 hours. It provides laborsaving killing action through its sharp glass like molecular structure that rips off the exoskeleton of bed bugs and dehydrates them. Food grade borax powder should be used which is safe for both pets and children.

Step 3: A vacuum cleaner with disposable bags is used to clean the carpet and the entire room. Using a bag-less cleaner will create unnecessary troubles in emptying it outside. Before starting vacuuming the carpet, some borax powder should be vacuumed too so that the live bugs that get inside are further killed.

Step 4: After vacuuming, the cleaner should be taken outside the house and dusted out. Extra precaution should be taken so that no bugs get outside the disposable bags. It’s better to seal the bags and discard it.

  • Heat treatment of carpets

It is easier to kill bugs by steam cleaning it. The action of intense heat kills the bugs, eggs and larvae. However this process requires professional help. Although this process is called steam cleaning, however it does not uses steam as it can cause damage to carpet fibers. Instead very hot water mixed with effective chemicals are used.

Step 1: For preconditioning, alkaline agents such as ammonia is used for synthetic materials and acidic agents such as vinegar is used for woolen materials. It is then excited with a scrubbing machine to soften the fibers before cleaning.

Step 2: Hot water mixed with cleaning chemicals is sprayed on the carpet which kills all germs and pests.

Step 3: After sometime, the hot water is vacuumed up along with the bugs and disposed off.

Step 4: It is important to completely dry the carpet before using or it will attract dust and pests.

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