Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment


Bed bugs are small brownish insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans. Adult bedbugs are flat and become oval after feeding and their body turns into a reddish color. They have no power of flight, but can move swiftly. Female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs and create a nuisance. They mostly breed within the boundary of bedrooms but can spread swiftly to other parts of your home or office. They enter your home or office, unnoticed through luggage, used furniture and other items. They hide in between the fibers of your carpets, rugs, mattresses, fabric headboards, bed linens and liners. We remove the bed bugs and their eggs and deep clean for unmatched results. We offer free removal, pick up, delivery and reinstallation. We offer referrals and are very confident you will be satisfied with the end result. We offer free estimates for this service. We will match any competitor’s reasonably, written estimate by 15%.


It is crucial that you contact a local licensed and reviewed exterminator to perform a 3 step process. They will have to visit your home or office every week for 3 weeks to ensure the bed bugs are gone. Only after that you can call us, Carpet Long Island for the removal of the bed bugs and eggs. After the treatment, the exterminator should provide you with a report so you can be confident your bed bugs are no longer. Make sure of this before you hire an exterminator.

Bed Bug Removal Process

Before any process is started a complete inspection will be performed so we know what areas to focus on. We spray our chemical and odor free bed bug eliminator and extract and bugs and eggs. After that process is complete we will then do a deep cleaning with our chemical and odor free fluids. Cleaning will take time before the water and cleaning fluids must be extracted there soon after. There will be no foul odors, no cleaning residues and no lingering smells of any sort after we have competed the service. All items that are cleaned on site will take only a few hours to dry. Items picked up may take a week or so to be returned.

Our Approach

Our bed bug cleaning service using an organic approach that employs a rigorous combination of heat treatment, high temperature steamers. We use high powered, commercial vacuum cleaners, and a powerful cleaning treatment designed to put a stop to your bed bug issue. Standard with our bed bug service a deep cleaning must be done to guarantee the bud bugs do not return. We are confident that our team will provide you with a complete solution in dealing with your bed bug issue. Our motto is to give the best service to our customers and the result is we have 95% returning customers. We will visit your home or office and do a survey of your problem and offer the best bed bug elimination and cleaning solution.

Bed Bug Treatment

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