Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning


Need your rug cleaned today, tomorrow or in the near future? You have come to the right place. Carpet Long Island has been in business for many years and we have a reputation of top quality area rug cleaning with amazing prices. We understand that no two rugs are the same. That is why we offer free on site estimates with no pushy sales people, just good prices, good cleaning and honest staff. We use only chemical and odor free cleaning products. Safe for children, the elderly and pets. An estimator will visit your home or office, inspect the rug, issue you a price and if you agree the rug can be picked up at the same time. If you need time to think about it someone will follow up with you in 7 days. We offer free estimates, free pick-up and free delivery for this service. We will match any competitor’s reasonably, written estimate by 15%.

Why Carpet Long Island

Before you have anyone clean your rugs, you want to make sure they know how to clean them correctly. A lot of rug cleaners who claim they can clean your rugs, simply lack the knowledge and proper equipment to do it. In fact, they often times do more harm than good. When dealing with your personal rugs, you surely do not want to take that chance. We at Carpet Long Island have been cleaning all types of rugs for over 20+ years and have perfected the art of cleaning, with our safe and odorless cleaning and our highly knowledgeable cleaning staff to our huge cleaning facility right here in Long Island. We have the experience and know how to get your dirty rug looking practically new again in no time at all. We know how important these treasures are to your family. We have the proper equipment and knowledge necessary to clean and preserve your rugs. You can be confident your rugs are in the most capable hands. Our facility uses traditional and tested washing methods with the state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment of today.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We make absolutely no compromises with our services, and hence, we use the latest state of the art equipment for all of our rug cleaning needs. But even our cleaning products that we use are completely safe and pose threat to anyone at all. In fact, we are the suppliers of cleaning agents for a large number of other companies as well, which means we have the best cleaning products available in the markets. No matter if your rug is imitation or genuine we will clean it as best as we can with the utmost care. We have a very gentle Oriental rug cleaning service which focuses on cleaning your Oriental rugs without causing it any damage.

Shag Rug Cleaning

Our cleaning fluids are completely organic, and they are extremely gentle on the fibers of your rug, and as a result of this, the structural integrity of your rug is undamaged. Unlike other rug cleaning companies, our cleaning process does not leave behind any moisture content or semi-liquid residue, which can attract harmful allergens, dust as well as disease causing microorganisms. A clean rug to us means a clean rug and that’s it. Our experts are very good at what they do. That is the reason why we make the extremely confident claim that there is not a single rug in this world that we will not be able to clean. From expensive rugs to fancy Shag rugs, whether they are made of wool, cotton or silk, no matter what kind of a rug you have, we will clean it for you, no questions asked. We soak shag rugs in our cool pool cleaning with mild organic cleaning fluids for up to 12 hours to make sure all stains and odors are eliminated.

Kilim Rug Cleaning

Expert services as well as expert technicians means that the life of your rug is prolonged. In fact, we invite you to compare the color of your rug before and after opting for our services. You will see a world of difference, we know. So why stick to the same old boring rug cleaning techniques that became outdated years ago? We will clean your Kilim rug and dry it with our hand washing and spot cleaning making sure you get your rug back with 100% of the stains and odors gone. We do not cut corners when it comes to rug cleaning. Cleaning is our job and we want to do it well for you.

Other Rug Cleaning

We clean all rugs; synthetic, nylon, wool, silk, cotton, sisal and all other rugs. Moroccan, Pakistani, Heirloom, museum rugs. Runners, door mats, outdoor rugs, kid rugs, stair runners, hand woven, machine woven, tufted, Knotted, flat woven, hooked, braided, jute, seagrass, leather, hyde, chenille, acrylic, patterned, floral, Tibetan, reversible etc. We do on site cleaning and off site cleaning as well.

Area Rug Cleaning

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