Area Rug Restoration

Area Rug Restoration

A great rug is something of loveliness, and for some, it has emotional value. For this reason we, at Carpet long Island, are right here to let you know that the next time you damage your own area rug, you will no longer need to stress or freak out, mainly because we will come to your rescue within minutes.

From large openings, accidental burns to tears, we are going to fix your own rug like you probably would not believe. Combining a dedicated team of professionals together with decades of practical experience, right here at Carpet long Island, we offer you completed products such as certainly no other cleaning firm out there.

How do we restore your own damaged area rug?

Even though we precisely and also proficiently salvage the remains of a burnt or perhaps a torn rug, still we also are superb at restoring old rugs exactly where the sides or perhaps the fringes have become frayed and also tattered. If your rug continues to be damaged by years of moth as well as gathering dirt and dust, then we are going to fix it for you as well.

Your wine or perhaps water spill marks on the rug will no longer be a lasting headache since our industry professionals will repair each of those for you in a jiffy! Nevertheless does your own rug experience discoloration difficulties? Worry not, for we can personally fix that situation also.

We can remove the hardest spots:

Right here at Carpet Long Island, absolutely no spot is too difficult for our professionals. Though your area rug has been soiled by your pets or perhaps a glass of red wine which has slipped from your hands onto your high-priced Oriental carpet, we promise you that by the time you obtain back your own carpet, it is going to be as well as new.

We know how much your own beautiful area rugs signify to you that is certainly the reason why we certainly have an entire team committed to delivering your own original rug back to you in its entirety. Over time, we certainly have restored at least numerous area rugs from around the New York, and every time, the finished product has brought nothing but smiles on the faces of our customers.

Not just restoring your rug and also cleaning out spots, we make certain that the edges are protected from additional damage later on, since technically, an edge of a rug is the first part of it that destroys immediately and also easily. Using organic threading and also precise hands, we make sure that the material is bound all together for many years to come. This improves the carpet’s worth as well as its overall aesthetics.

Get an approximation for your own area rug restoration these days!

Give us a phone call or perhaps drop us an e-mail and also our staff at the customer care department will get back to you promptly. You can also pay a visit to our web site at for a look at all of our solutions.

At Carpet Long Island, we understand the worth of cost effective solutions, and that is the reason why we also perform home calls for estimates, as well as we do not charge a dime for it!

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