Area Rug Repair

Area Rug Repair

Give your worn out rugs a brand new life

Rugs are very near to our hearts. They really are either quite dear gift things from special people or costly purchases to decorate our own homes. Most of us possess lovely rugs spread out in out bedrooms, living spaces, study as well as other spaces. They give a comfortable feeling to the residence and brighten up the total residence décor. But it is also a fact that we take quite less good care of the rugs in our own homes. We utilize them, sit on them, spill things over them and when they are harmed, we cry that they do not appear stunning anymore.

We at Carpet Long Island believe that area rugs really should not be thrown away even when they appear unclean, smelly and also torn at areas. The reason is we know how to repair them and endow them with brand-new lives. Rugs as well as carpets may be easily repaired by us to cause them to become look brand new once again. We take pride in repairing them to their unique conditions so that you do not need to dispose of your high priced rugs or heirlooms.

When a area rug has been used for many years the binding at the sides opens up, the material starts getting thinner out and also wearing off at areas and there are many holes produced throughout the carpet.. Improper managing and also neglect generates these kinds of openings in the rugs as well as usually result in places getting ripped. Throughout the years rugs lose their original luster simply because they gather dust, dirt and also fungi. Besides, they begin building up spilt meals particles, pet fur, pet urine as well as numerous harmful elements which result in terrible odor. For this reason you need to get the rugs cleaned as well as repaired periodically so you do not have to throw them away. It is also important that you get it done professionally in order that your own rugs get take care of in the most effective methods.

Carpet Long Island delivers a variety of services just like re-weaving the area rugs at places where they have got torn off, repair of the corners of the area rugs, stain and spot treatment to restore the authentic appearance of the fabric, pet stain, smell removal, patching the holes produced in the carpet, dealing with color bleeding, rebinding of the sides of the rug as well as whole rug cleaning as well as restoration. Whilst repairing the holes and also re-weaving your area rugs we make full use of specialist repair techniques.

Our experts possess full knowledge of weaving the area rugs and takes unique treatment to discover the best combination of yarn to match the fabric, the shade and the style of the rug and also fill in the torn areas. Patching up the holes and also tears in the rug is an expert labor intensive method which is very beneficial in preserving your own precious rugs for long. You are going to be surprised to see the top quality of the results and feel the freshness utilizing a brand new area rug as soon as it really is done.

Depend on our industry professionals for re-binding, maintaining and re-coloration of your rugs to give them brand new lives before considering throwing them away.

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